Weight Watch Alert!!!

Normally, I do not really check my weight because I am a small person and I feel really good all the time.  However, I start noticing my jump in my weight and now I am becoming more cautious.

Back in 2010, I weighted 107 lb.  By the end of 2011, I weighted 117 lb.  I knew I would I gain weight because I ate lots of brie in the last few months to gain muscles.  This weight last until early this year when I weighed myself (WHISPER: I weighted 120lb).  And then I weighed myself AGAIN last Thursday (just curious) and I weighted 125 lb.  125? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? (starting to sweat on my forehead).

So I quickly download a BMI calculator app and I found my BMI is still normal (Phew! Wiping my sweat on my forehead):


Then I checked my Body Fat Percentage and it is still normal (starting to smile):


But then, when I checked my Waist-to-Height Ratio, it says I am OVERWEIGHT (OMG! In panick mode):


I do not expect myself to be overweight because I am a small person and I do not eat junk or anything.  I eat brown rice and lots of fruits and vegetables. Also, I work out at least 3 times a week and I do not eat out often.  HOW CAN I POSSIBLY BE OVERWEIGHT?

So I have decided to change my diet to see if it helps. Here are the following I plan to do:

1) Eat oats for breakfast: I always have cereal for breakfast since I was a kid because it is quick.  I know oats takes longer to make, but it contains fibre and I believe having oats with fruits is delicious.

2) Eat multiples meals with small portions: Multiple meals with small portions help metabolism and absorb less to your body.

3) Have less carbs diet: Carbs increase weight and I will consume stuff like buckwheat noodle, and brown rice more because they contain less carbs.

4) Train at least three times a week: Let’s see if this helps!

5) Eat at least one fruit per day: I always have orange or banana at least a few times a week.  Let make “Eat at least one fruit per day” a goal.

I will update my progress and my weight once a week.  Please comment in the comment section below.  Check out Instagram @ bridlekitchen and Twitter @ bridlekitchen.  Chao!


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