My Journey To Lose Weight (First Weekly Update)!

Remember I did a blog on how I find out I am overweight last week (check out the post: So did I reach my GOALS?

  • Eat oats for breakfast CHECK. I started to eat rolled oats for breakfast.  Even though it took longer to prepare, it was ALL worth it.  I put banana and strawberry on my cooked rolled oats so it does not taste that bland. 
  • Eat multiples meals with small portions FAILED. I tried, but I sometimes get too busy that I ended up eating a huge meal instead so I did not get hungry in the next few hours.
  • Have less carbs diet – FAILED. Again! I sometimes get too busy that I just want to eat a huge meal, but I tried to eat slower now to consume less calories.
  • Train at least three times a week CHECK. Actually I went for trained 4 times this week, but I jammed my right middle finger during training last Monday so I spent an extra day to make up for Monday.
  • Eat at least one fruit per day CHECK. Not only I had banana and strawberry for breakfast, but I had orange in the middle of the day.

But did I LOSE ANY WEIGHT? Well, not really. I still weight 125 lbs and I still have the same BMI. My Body Fat Percentage is still normal, BUT my Waist-to-Height Ratio decreased to 0.5 (it was 0.51 last week) because my waist is 30.5 inches now compared to 31 inches last week. That means my plan is WORKING and I am sure my weight will go down if I accomplish all my goals.

So for this coming week, I will stick with the same goals and will reach ALL OF THEM.  I will post my progress again next week.

Are you trying to lose weight as well? What are your goals? What are you doing to reach your goals? Has your experience been positive or negative? Post your comments below.  Last but not least….



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