Fitness Tuesday: How Do Women Lose Weight and Keep Their Curves


This is every women’s dilemma: HOW DO I USE WEIGHT AND KEEP MY CURVES? Many women decide to avoid exercise and to be in a low calories diet because they think exercising can make them bulky.   Unfortunately, this low calories diet eventually make them GAIN WEIGHT because those women always feel hungry so the body absorbs more from the food they consume. BUT IS IT TRUE THAT EXERCISE WOULD MAKE SOMEONE BULKY? It depends on what exercise you do and what food you eat.

I am not an supermodel and not an expert in fitness, but I am proud to say I am able to lose weight and keep my curves.  I am considered small and slim in Western standards, but my back is S-shaped and I have vertical lines in my abs (I did not take any steroids and I am anti-steroids and anti-protein shakes).  Furthermore,  there were a lot of men starring at me when I was on the streets (talk about creepy) when I was visiting Asia.  In addition, a lot of  men, white and Asian, think I AM HOT (where did that come from?). Moreover, one guy was asking me if I wanted to play video games with him when I was testing the new FIFA soccer game in Best Buy (talk about creepy AGAIN).    Therefore, I can say I have an attractive body.

But how did I do it? Before I started doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), I went to gym about 2 to 3 times a week.  I usually did weights and weight machines and attended aerobic classes.  When I was doing my weights and weight machines, I used lighter weights to give me some resistances but not too light as well.   In addition, I attended aerobic classes just for the cardio because cardio is necessary for losing weight. I also did workouts such as lunges, squats, bridge, and crunches.  I found squats are EXCELLENT workouts for your glutes  (butt muscles). After a month of doing squats, my glutes became firm.

After I started BJJ, my curves became more prominent because BJJ works out EVERY SINGLE MUSCLE in your body. Even a marathon runner would get tired after 10 minutes of BJJ.  Moreover, vertical lines in my abs developed overtime because many BJJ techniques require the use of your hips.   Unfortunately, I also started to gain weight (and eventually become overweight because my waist got bigger) because I had to consume more food to handle the intense workout. I started to eat more brie, fish, pork, vegetable and brown rice.  Recently, I am starting to lose weight and MY CURVE IS STILL PROMINENT.

As of the food I ate, there weren’t any major differences between what I ate when I spent my time at the gym and when I spend my time in BJJ now.   Even since I realized I am overweight, I changed from eating cereal to eating oatmeal for breakfast and have frequent but small meals throughout the day. Other than that, my diet with brown rice, vegetable and lean meat do not change.

Ultimately,  women can lose weight and keep their curves as long as they eat properly and exercise happily.  Every meal and snack should include protein, Vitamin C and fiber to feed muscle cells, shrink fat cells and lose weight.   In addition, exercise is crucial in burning calories and build muscle mass.  You do not have to do BJJ like me.  Just pick a sport you enjoy the most and stick with it because keeping your curves is a long journey.

Do you have the same dilemma too? What are you trying to do to lose weight and keep your curves? Post your comments below. Till next time!


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