My Journey To Lose Weight (Fourth Weekly Update)!

This week I got more tired because I have to maintain this blog, work in my full-time job, and train. I have also requested a few guest post opportunities and applied for a few online community groups.  As a result, I did not get too much sleep.  Having said that, I still managed to follow my diet plan and reached some successes.  Let me how I did this past week:

  • Eat oats for breakfast – CHECK. I started adding cinnamon and flaxseeds to my oatmeals recently. Cinnamon regulates blood sugar and helps with menstrual pain, while flaxseeds contains omega-3.  
  • Eat multiples meals with small portions – CHECK. I had fruits, smoked salmon and milk in between meals.
  • Have less carbs diet – NEED WORK.  Although I started to have brown rice for lunch right now, I had a high carb diet when I ate out Wednesday afternoon.
  • Train at least three times a week – CHECK. I trained three times this week. I wanted to go four times but I had been so busy.
  • Eat at least one fruit per day – CHECK. Like last week, I had strawberries, blueberries and banana with my rolled oats plus orange after dinner. I sometimes even had orange after lunch.

Although I have lost 1 lb and I now weigh 123lb (YAY!!!), my waist got bigger again and now my waist is 31.5 inches. Sigh…I guess the smoke salmon is not doing so good to my body (I did not just eat 1 piece per day. I had 5 to 6 pieces a day). Also the Moroccan phyllo pie during my baking class on Monday is probably stuck in my waist now (I had 3 pieces).

Have you ever had your moments of guilty pleasure while you are on a diet?  What did you have and how did you feel? Post your comments below. Till next time!


2 thoughts on “My Journey To Lose Weight (Fourth Weekly Update)!

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