Fitness Tuesday: LL Cool J’s Fitness Secrets?


I am sure everyone knows LL Cool J is.  Not only he is Sam Hanna on the CBS crime drama television series NCIS: Los Angeles, but he is also hot and RIPPED. I am sure a lot of people wonder how can he get so fit. 

While I was doing some research on fitness at my local library, I happened to find this book called LL Cool J’s Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle. I thought it was very cool because LL Cool J is a celebrity.   Therefore, I borrowed it and was surprised of what I read.

I always thought celebrities drink protein shakes or perform plastic surgeries to make themselves look ripped.   However, LL Cool J’s Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle tells me otherwise.   This book tells us LL Cool J’s secrets to his phenomenal success not only as a gym, but as an actor, father and husband, businessman and multi-platinum musician IN JUST EIGHT WEEKS.  He did it not because he drinks protein shakes or other magical medicine, but of his positive thinking, successful workout program and strict nutrition plan.

The first part of the book is all about achieving positive thinking.  This is crucial when you want to look fit and be the best of yourself.  Here are some key points LL Cool J mentions:

  • You must be determined and stay hungry: With a determined attitude, every little obstacle that falls in your path will throw you off the track.
  • You must overcome doubt:  No one ever accomplished anything after succumbing to doubt.
  • You must have your own character: Develop a character and reputation that stand for something.

The second part of the book talks about LL Cool J’s Eight-Week Fitness Plan. The purpose of this plan is for everything to lay a good foundation to a new body.  Here is the summary of the Eight-Week Fitness Plan:

  1. Week 1 and 2 – Focus only on machine-based exercise follow by steady cardio to balance the weight for you and fixes your path of motion so you can focus solely on the muscles doing work
  2. Week 3 and 4 – Weight training that focus on upper body (back, chest, ticeps, shoulders, biceps and traps) follow by steady cardio and lower body (quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves) follow by interval cardio
  3. Week 5 and 6 – Weight training that focus on front upper body (chest, shoulders, and triceps) follow by interval cardio and back body (back, biceps, abs, and calves) and legs follow by steady cardio
  4. Week 7 and 8 – Training that push your muscles to their breaking point and then go beyond to ignite growth by dropping weights between reps until you cannot complete another rep with proper form.

Finally, the third part of the book talks about LL Cool J’s Eight-Week Nutrition Plan.  The plan is based on five different macro-nutrient strategies to eat anything they want at some point during the week. Here are the list of the five macro-nutrient strategies:

  1. Healthy Eating: Emphasizing high-fiber, slow digesting carbs  oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables), unsaturated fats (salmon, nuts, seeds, avocado, canola oil and olive oil), and good protein (chicken, fish, turkey,  milk, cheese and eggs)
  2. Turbocharged Fat Burning: Low carbs intake, but high healthy unsaturated fat and protein to increase your body’s fat burning potential
  3. Calorie Restriction: Low fat and high protein diet but with no carbs to deplete your body of both carbs and fat
  4. Cheat Meal: High carbs and fat diet with moderate protein to provide a major metabolic boost as well as to calm down the warning signs your body receives from long-term calorie deprivation
  5. Carb Refuel: High carbs and protein diet with low in fat to reload your glycogen store and provide your body with a store to hold in your muscle until your workout

WOW!!!  His Fitness Plan looks intense.  I think some people may not like  this plan because there is no junk food in the diet.  In addition, they have to exercise, pretty much, every day.  Although this plan does not make you lose at least 50 pounds in eight weeks, but the plan is a good start for everyone who wants to be fit.  In fact, LL Cool J mentions the maintenance plan after the eight weeks if you decide to follow.

Ultimately, I think this is a good guide for people to follow.  Being determined is very crucial in getting fit because getting fit is a long journey.   In addition,  having one meal at a fast food restaurant may totally ruin your dieting plan.  Maybe I should follow this plan…um….what do you think?

What is your favourite fitness book? What kind of diet and fitness plan does your book suggest? Post your comments below. Till next time!


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