Fitness Tuesday: Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Zumba?

I know Zumba has been around for a while, but my first experience with Zumba was actually when I was playing “Just Dance 2014” and I WAS HOOKED.  I do not have Xbox, so I basically “play” this game on Youtube now!

My mom also loves Zumba and she does Zumba four times a week.

But how come we are so hooked with Zumba? Here is why:

1) Moves Are Different Every Class – With any other cardio classes, the moves are pretty much the same.  Even if there are changes, they are very minor. With Zumba, however, the moves can be different due to the music and instructor. Therefore, you would not know what to expect for every class. Exciting eh?

2) It Is Not Too Hard On My Body – Many aerobic classes out there require the use of weights.  Also, you may have to move very intensely. For instance, you constantly have to move your body up and down in a Step Aerobics class.  As a result, some people may have a hard time to keep up.  With Zumba, however, the moves are very light and easy.  Therefore, it is not too hard on your body.

3) It Is A Group Exercise – Believe it or not, Zumba is mostly done by women and women LOVES GROUP EXERCISE because they can smile and laugh at each other.   No wonder a lot of people do Zumba because it is such an encouraging environment.

4) The Music Makes Me Excited – Apparently, Zumba improves people’s mood because the music is too exciting to remember their bad days.

5) I Am Going To Be The Next Contestant on “So You Can Think You Can Dance” – Doing Zumba makes me feel I am a professional dancer and I perhaps am able to win the next season of “So You Think You can Dance”.

OH MAN! I still suck at “Just Dance 2014” even though I played it MANY time.  I guess I should join a real dance lesson to improve my coordination.

Do you like Zumba? How often do you do Zumba? Post your comments below. Till next time!





2 thoughts on “Fitness Tuesday: Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Zumba?

  1. I used to go to a zumba class pretty frequently but haven’t done so since I moved. I actually get frustrated at the women who stand in the back and giggle about how silly they look… laughing burns calories but not as many as actually doing the moves full-out! I would take it again as I need to do more cardio and zumba kept me interested better than running ever would.

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