Fitness Tuesday: Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Marathon?


One day, one of my friends told me she is going to participate in her first marathon on May.

Then I thought, “She is not that athletic.  She also does not workout regularly and now she is running a marathon?”


WHAT THE HECK?  What’s with this sudden obsession with marathon? I was shocked to know that even my friends are starting to participate in marathons.

I have not run a marathon before, but I ran regularly in my neighbourhood and on the treadmill before I started doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Perhaps I could comment on why people are obsessed with marathon based my experiences in “running” and the research I did for this post:

1) One of the easiest ways for exercise – Running FOR SURE is one of the easiest way for exercise because all you need is a pair of great running shoes and an acceptable outfit.  If people do your run properly, they get to burn calories, strengthen the ligaments around your joints, and fight cancer!

2) You get to enjoy “entertainment” and workout at the same time – Nowadays, people carry their iPods and iPhones and listen to their favourite music while running.  People can even go on Youtube and social media while they are running as long as they purchase a data plan for their smartphones.  In addition, people are able to listen to the audio of the TV in front of treadmills as long as they bring their own earphones.  As a result, people would not miss any major events even when they are running.

3) Excuse to eat more – Since running burns lots of calories (if people run properly), running gives a chance for people to eat more to replenish any calories that were burnt.  People also get to eat their favourite pastries and sweets without feeling guilty.

4) My training will have more structure – I do not know about this!  Running is actually pretty easy and probably not much of a motivation unless someone is VERY serious about reaching a certain goal at his/her marathon.  My friend who is going to participate in her first marathon in two weeks do not get to practice much because she has been very busy.   Therefore, the training is not necessary structured unless that person is VERY determined.

5) Meet new friends – I do not know about this either because running is a very personal sport (REALLY).   Unless you are VERY active in meeting new people who also share the same interests as you or you already have your own group of marathon buddies, I do not think participating in marathons would give you opportunities to meet new people.

Don’t get me wrong! I hope I will be able to participate in a marathon some day because I love to challenge myself.  It is just, I think, some people participate in marathon for the wrong reasons.  Those people should be doing a sport that is right for them.

Have you participated in a marathon before? What was your goal and how did you reach it? Post your comments below. Till next time!


2 thoughts on “Fitness Tuesday: Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Marathon?

  1. I was going to participate in a marathon too next month but haven’t had enough time to train. As a runner you are spot on with all your facts…except for watching youtube and stuff when running lol I never do that, I find it really distracts you since if you want to be a good long distance runner learning how to breath and keep a rhythm is pretty darn important 🙂

    • I think for serious runners, they would not actually watch Youtube while running. However, I think some who are just running for casual reasons may do it.

      I like it how you are serious about running. I was never that serious because my goal was to keep myself fit. I am proud of you and keep it up!

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