Healthy Facts Monday – Calories Face-Off: Burger King vs McDonald’s

BK vs mcdonalds

Burger King is another fast food restaurant that serves similar menu items than McDonald’s.

Let’s see if Burger King’s food are healthier than McDonald’s.

1) Breakfast (McD WINS!!!)

wendys vs mcD breakfast

Burger King’s English Muffin with Egg, Cheese & Sausage – 460 calories

McDonald’s Sausage and Egg McMuffin – 440 calories (SCORE)

2) Beef Burger (McD WINS!!!) 

bk vs mcD hamburger

Burger King’s Double Whopper with Cheese  – 1000 calories

McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese – 760 calories (SCORE)

3) Chicken Burger (BK WINS!!!)

bk vs mcD chicken

Burger King’s Crispy Chicken Jr. Sandwich  – 460 calories (SCORE)

McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich – 470 calories

4) Fish Sandwich (McD WINS!!!) 

bk vs mcD fish

Burger King’s BK Big Fish Sandwich  – 500 calories

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish LT Sandwich – 410 calories (SCORE)

5) Salad (BK WINS!!!)

bk vs mcD salad

Burger King’s TENDERGRILL® Chicken Caesar Garden Salad   – 250 calories (SCORE)

McDonald’s Mighty Caesar Entrée with Grilled Chicken – 350 calories

WHAT?!!??!!?!? McDonald’s food are healthier than Burger King’s? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Do you go to Burger King often? Do you like their food? Post your comments below.  Till next time!


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