Fitness Tuesday: Why No One Is Obsessed With Martial Arts?


You probably have heard you friend’s kids are learning some sort of martial arts such as Taekwando and Karate.

However, those kids probably have no big interests in martial arts at all and stop doing it when they become busier in their lives.

But why so? Don’t people like to be active and like to kick some asses when they can?

Although I did not start doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu until early 20s, perhaps I could give some insights as to why adults are not into martial arts as much as people think.

1) I hate getting injured –  Honestly, you have a chance of getting injured whenever you exercise.  But because martial arts is a close combat sport, your chance of getting injured is much higher since you are constantly sparring and fighting your opponent.  I have not had a major injury yet, but not only I got my arm twisted once, but I have bruises all over my body.  Recently, I had a big bruise close to my armpit (sorry for the blurry picture).


2) I hate being beaten up all the time – You probably enjoy martial arts when you were young because you thought it was fun.  But you start to hate martial arts as you get older because you always get beaten up, especially when you lose to someone who is much smaller than you.  YOUR SELF-ESTEEM IS TOTALLY LOST AND YOU QUIT EVENTUALLY.

3) I am too busy – Unlike gyms like Goodlife in Canada and 24 Hour Fitness in the States, martial arts gyms do not open more than 15 hours a day.  Often times, martial arts gym’s operating hours correlate with their classes’ schedule.   As a result, people do not attend their martial arts gyms unless there is a class or they have partners to spar with during open mat sessions.   This is why it is much more convenient for busy people to work out at their local gyms than to go to a martial arts class.

4) It is not what I see on TV – I know some people practice Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) because they are fans of UFC and boxing.  However, they lose interests of going to their MMA/BJJ gym over time because it is not what they expect it to be.  Often times, those people who lose interest go to gyms that focus on building soild foundations, wich means they won’t learn the sick and bad-ass moves they see on TV until they are in the advance level.

5) It is just too expensive for me – This is very true because I used to have a Goodlife membership, which costed close to $60/month including tax.  But now I pay close to $200/month including tax for BJJ plus any additional gears I decide to buy such as rashguards and gis.  Although BJJ is not as expensive as hockey, $200/month is A LOT when you have a family to raise.

Despite all the reasons above, I am still practicing BJJ because BJJ allows a small and weak person like me to successfully defend a bigger and stronger opponent.  I just feel frustrated sometimes because the guys could still outmuscle me when I use proper techniques.

Have you done any martial arts before? Are you still doing it? If not, why did not stop? Post your comments below. Till next time!


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