My Journey To Lose Weight (Special Edition)!

As a woman, I have to keep up with my weight and curve constantly.  More importantly, my gynae’s health is also very important.

How do we know if our gynae is in good health? Well! Having regular period are good indicators.

Unfortunately, I am able to maintain my weight and curves but my menstrual cycle has been shitty.

Ever since I started working long hours, my menstrual cycle has been going out of wrack. Some months would be a few days early. Some months would be a few days late.

I even went to the doctors, but my doctor just told me to relax.

The reason I worry about my menstrual cycle is because having irregular menstrual cycle is a sign that there may be something wrong with your gynae.   It could be anything from infection to cancer.

For young women, having good gynea health means it is easy for you to conceive.  For older women, having good gynae health means you are free of cancer.

So to all women out there, be sure to do regular check up on your gynae.  It is as important as maintaining good health and curve.


2 thoughts on “My Journey To Lose Weight (Special Edition)!

  1. My cycle was always craaazy when I was working out more than I am now. As long as it’s “regular” for you, you don’t have to worry if you’re not on a standard 28-day thing. I didn’t get a period at all from August-January because I was under so much stress while in the hospital and it’s only just starting to come back sort of an every-other-month. I just had a visit with my gyn and got a prescription to get back on the pill in order to regulate.

    • I am glad your period is regular now. I know a lot of times irregular periods are caused by stress, but you never know. I am just more cautious about my health and we get free regular check up here in Canada once a year so I make use of it.

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