Healthy Facts Monday – Calories Face-Off: Subway vs Quiznos

sub vs quiz

First of all, Happy Memorial Day to all the people in the States!

I have eaten at Subway and Quiznos before.  I personally prefer eating at Quiznos.

I don’t know. I feel Quiznos food are healthier and Quiznos restaurants are cleaner than Subway.

But do Quiznos’ food really are healthier than Subway’s food? Let’s check it out!

1) Soup (Subway WINS!!!!)

sub vs quiz soup 1

Subway’s Cream of Broccoli Soup – 140 calories (SCORE)

Quiznos’ Broccoli Cheese Soup (Regular)  – 180 calories

2) More Soup (Subway WINS!!!!)

sub vs quiz soup 2

Subway’s Chicken Noodle Soup – 100 calories (SCORE)

Quiznos’ Chicken Noodle Soup (Small)  – 140 calories

3) Salad (Subway WINS!!!!)

sub vs quiz salad

Subway’s Oven Roasted Chicken Salad – 120 calories (SCORE)

Quiznos’ Harvest Chicken Salad (Small)  – 300 calories

4) Breakfast (Quiznos WINS!!!!)

sub vs quiz breakfast

Subway’s 6″ Ham, Egg and Cheese Omelet Sandwich – 400 calories

Quiznos’ Ham, Egg and Cheddar Sandwich  – 360 calories (SCORE)

5) Sandwich (Subway WINS!!!!)

sub vs quiz sandwich

Subway’s 6″ Steak and Cheese Sandwich – 520 calories (SCORE)

Quiznos’ Bourbon Steak Sub (Small) – 660 calories

OH MY GOD! REALLY? Subway’s food are healthier than Quizno’s?

I don’t believe it! I JUST DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!

Want to share your experience and food when you go to Subway or Quiznos? Post your comments below! Till next time!



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