Fitness Tuesday: Why No One Is Obsessed With Golf?


I used to play a lot of golf with my Dad and I even had my own clubs.

We even watched golf tournaments on Golf Channel and learned the game.

However, we stopped playing eventually because we sucked and we lost interest.

No offense to many of the golf players out there, I am sure there are people who loved golf at some point but lost interest eventually.  I think here is why:

1) I hate being outside for so long – Some people hate being exposed to sunlight for so long because not everyone likes to get tanned, especially women.  In addition, prolong exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer and other skin diseases that could affect the health of an individual.

2) It is quite expensive – Well! It is STILL affordable when you borrow a cheap club and practice your swings on the driving range, but you need to invest TONS of money if you want to be good at it.  When I am talking about TONS of money, I am talking about ten thousands of dollars because you need to get your own set of clubs, get your own instructor and get your own membership of the top golf courses. A good set of clubs costs thousands of dollar and a golf course membership cost around 20K per year.  So what is your salary?

3) I hate getting up in the morning – Many golf players start play as early as 6am in the morning because a game usually last for hours. I don’t think people are willing to wake up very early in the morning unless they are doing something they love.

4) It is boring – I couldn’t agree more! The constant silence of the game makes me feel I am watching some silent movie.  Also the pace is VERY SLOW. If some ever need help in getting to sleep, watching golf may be the remedy.

5) It is too stupid – Some people just don’t understand the idea of having a small white ball going into a small white hole on a BIG green field.  The field is better used if people are playing soccer or something.

Don’t get me wrong! I am just expressing my opinions on why some people hate golf.

For golf lovers, I am proud of you guys because you guys are just SO flexible.  I don’t think I will ever be able to move my waist like you guys do.

What do you think of golf? Are you a golf-lover or golf-hater? Post your comments below. Till next time!


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