Health Facts Monday – Calories Face-Off: Yogen Fruz vs Menchie’s

yogen vs menchies

Froyos are winning people’s heart currently because it is a healthier alternative to ice cream.

Also, froyo is yummy and you can make-you-own froyo with your favourite flavour and toppings.

Yogen Fruz and Menchie’s are two of the popular chains that serve froyo worldwide.

But are their froyos truly healthy? Let’s check it out!

1) Coffee Froyo (Menchie’s WINS)!!!

yogen vs menchies 1

Yogen Fruz’s Cappuccino Froyo – 120 calories

Menchie’s Coffee Froyo – 110 calories (SCORE)

2) More Coffee Froyo (Menchie’s WINS)!!!

Yogen Fruz’s Chocolate Mocha Froyo- 120 calories

Menchie’s Coco Mocha Froyo – 110 calories (SCORE)

yogen vs menchies 4

3) Candy Froyo (Menchie’s WINS)!!!

Yogen Fruz’s Cotton Candy Froyo- 120 calories

Menchie’s Cotton Candy Froyo – 110 calories (SCORE)

yogen vs menchies 2

4) Cinnamon Froyo (Menchie’s WINS)!!!

Yogen Fruz’s Cinnamon a Bon Bon Froyo- 120 calories

Menchie’s Cinnayumm Bun Froyo – 110 calories (SCORE)

yogen vs menchies 3

5) Fruit Froyo (Menchie’s WINS)!!!

Yogen Fruz’s Strawberry Bananarama Froyo- 130 calories

Menchie’s Strawberry Vanilla Dream Froyo – 110 calories (SCORE)

yogen vs menchies 5

So Menchie’s froyos are healthier than Yogen Fruz’s? Um…..

But remember! The calories are based on a 100g serving.  Also, a lot of people would be putting toppings on their favourite froyo, so you have to take that into account as well!

So have you been to Menchie’s or Yogen Fruz before? What is your favourite froyo and what topping would you add? Post your comments below! Till next time!


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