Fitness Tuesday: Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Basketball?

Michael Jordan at Boston Garden

I love watching sport in general because I love the adrenaline rush occurring in games.

One of my favourite sports to watch is basketball because it is very fast.

I also guessed some other reason why people love to watch and play basketball.  Here they are:

1) It is inexpensive – THIS IS LEGIT.  A basketball doesn’t cost much.  Even setting up a hoop at your own home doesn’t cost much either.  Therefore, you can literally play anytime as long as you have your own basketball and you find a court to play.

2) It is not hard to play – As long as you know how to dribble and shoot, you already know the basics of the game.  Also, the fundamentals such as defensing is very easy to execute as well.

3) I can get my friends to play with me easily – Since basketball’s game is very simple and basketball is not hard to play, you can easily get a bunch of friends to play with you (unless they hate sports or hate basketball).

4) I want to get taller – Hell ya! You could get taller if you play basketball often because you always have to jump when you shoot. You could even get over 7 feet tall like Yao Ming!

5) I want to be rich – If you are more than 6 feet ball, have great physique and body, and great basketball skills, you may have a chance of making it into NBA.  Making in NBA means you may be able to make millions per year.

You love watching basketball? What is your favourite NBA team? Post your comments below! Till next time!


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