Fitness Tuesday: Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Soccer?


I wouldn’t say I am a HUGE fan of soccer myself, but I watch pretty much every matches during the World Cup because I feel connected and excited every time.

Not only my family, but I know many other families would gather together to watch the game and have a good time!

But why do people love soccer so much? I guess these are the reasons:

1) It is inexpensive – I used to play a lot of soccer with my family friends and we literally called each other up whenever we wanted to play soccer.  The soccer ball costed less than $50 and we did not have to book a soccer field to play.  It was very cheap and convenient.

2) It is liked by everyone – I think I am slightly exaggerating this, but I have never seen malls live streaming sports games other than the World Cup and the Olympics.  While malls would live stream every single World Cup games, malls only live streamed hockey games that were played by the Canadian team.  As you can see, a lot more people love to watch soccer than any sport in the world.

3) I get to play with my friends – Similar to basketball, you are able to play soccer as long as you can kick a ball.  Since you also do not have to book a soccer field to play soccer, you can just call up your friends who are able to kick a ball and enjoy a game of soccer.

4) Soccer is not as easy as people think – Soccer is not as easy as people think because they are not able to use their hands. Instead, they rely on their great footwork and header to control the ball.  In addition, it is not easy to pass accurately to someone who is more than ten yards with you.  I have only seen professional soccer player doing that but not amateurs.

5) I get emotional – I think soccer is a sport that connects people all over the world together because soccer has been around for so long and soccer is being played in almost every country around the world.  I am not saying basketball and hockey are not common, but soccer is pretty much universal and soccer could be an ice-breaking topic when you want to communicate with someone outside your background.

So do you love to watch soccer? Who is your favourite player? Which country you think is going to win the World Cup this year? Post your comments below! Till next time!


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