Bonus Healthy Recipe: Chamomile Apricot Smoothies (2 Servings)

Chamomile tea is a herbal tea with amazing health benefits such as protects and fight your skin from radical damage, acne and breakouts, relaxes muscles of the uterus and gives relief from menstrual camps and helps to sleep.

Chamomile tea is also very cheap and tastes good.  That is why I thought chamomile tea would be awesome for smoothies.

Here was how I made it:

1 cup charmomile tea (I used two tea bags and 1 cup of hot water)

5 apricots, seeded and cubed

1 banana, broken into pieces

3 tablespoons flax seed

1 cup of crushed ice


1) Put every ingredient in the blender.  Blend until smooth.


2) Serve when ready.


This is probably the best smoothies I have made so far! I tasted mostly banana with a bit of the apricot and chamomile tea.

You could always add honey if you like your smoothie to taste sweeter.

You also can try to remove the skin of the apricots if you think the skin would give a rough texture to the smoothies.  But having the skin on was fine with me as I blended my smoothies until it was completely smooth.

Try this at home today and see what you think!


2 thoughts on “Bonus Healthy Recipe: Chamomile Apricot Smoothies (2 Servings)

    • Thanks! I figure smoothie is such a healthy drink so having tea in it is very appropriate.

      I just received a green tea product from a company and I am working on writing the review right now. Stay tune if you like because I plan to introduce a few recipes using this green tea product!

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