Health Facts Monday – Calories Face-Off: Domino’s Pizza vs Pizza Hut


I never had Domino’s Pizza because I heard their pizzas are very disgusting.  Also, I saw how their pizzas were made on Youtube and the process did not look appetizing AT ALL.   I guess the price says everything about the quality of their food.

I am also guessing Pizza Hut’s food are healthier than Domino’s Pizza’s because Pizza Hut’s food taste very delicious.  But am I right? Let’s take a look.

1) 14″ Pepperoni Pizza (Domino’s WINS!!)


Domino’s Pizza’s Ultimate Pepperoni Feast – 360 calories (SCORE)

Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni  – 380 calories

2) 14″ Hawaiian Pizza (Domino’s WINS!!)


Domino’s Pizza’s Honolulu Hawaiian – 350 calories (SCORE)

Pizza Hut’s Hawaiian Luau – 380 calories

3) 14″ Veggie Pizza (Domino’s WINS!!)


Domino’s Pizza’s Pacific Veggie  – 320 calories (SCORE)

Pizza Hut’s Veggie Lover  – 330 calories

4) Alfredo Pasta (Pizza Hut WINS!!)


Domino’s Pizza’s Chicken Alfredo – 600 calories

Pizza Hut’s Chicken Alfredo – 580 calories (SCORE)

5) Meat Marinara (Pizza Hut WINS!!)


Domino’s Pizza’s Italian Sausage Marinara (In Bread Bowl) – 770 calories

Pizza Hut’s Tuscani Meaty Marinara – 550 calories (SCORE)

OKAY! This is also shocking to me because Domino’s Pizza’s pizzas are healthier than Pizza Hut’s.

Despite this, I don’t think I will ever buy pizzas from Domino’s Pizza JUST because of how the pizzas are made.  What do you think? Post your comments below! Till next time!


4 thoughts on “Health Facts Monday – Calories Face-Off: Domino’s Pizza vs Pizza Hut

  1. I don’t know if you should use the word “healthier,” just lower calorie. But I digress. Domino’s pizza is lower calorie because it tastes like cheesy cardboard. Not worth the calories even if they are fewer. I do love Pizza Hut, but try not to eat it because it’s so high is calories.

    • Like I said before, people tend to look at the calories of food to make healthy eating choices. I also love Pizza Hut, but I do not tend to go there because it is not cheap unless I am craving for good quality pizza. I normally do not eat pizza, but when I do I am probably really hungry and I want to get my food fast.

  2. I agree with Lauren. Just because it has less calories doesn’t make it healthier. Neither of these restaurants are healthy (which shouldn’t be taken to mean you can’t have them occasionally). Plus, just because something is lower in calories doesn’t mean it’s better for you fitness-wise. If you want to gain weight (such as when bulking when weight-lifting) you want more calories than average. You could get all the calories you need from Cheetos, but that won’t make you healthy.

    That said, I do like that you use taste as a measure of healthiness. It is certainty true that the healthier foods tend to taste healthier, and better. I was also amazed at how few calories were in the pizzas. 350 calories is probably the average persons breakfast (I figure a 1:2:3 ratio for breakfast, lunch, supper respectively). That is nothing for ~153 sqr. in. of food.

    • Thanks for your comments.

      If you have read all my “Health Facts Monday” posts, you would notice I never compare restaurant that serve different cuisine. Therefore, I will never compare calories of pizzas serve at an organic restaurant to pizza serve at Pizza hut or similar establishment.

      In addition, one of my goals in all “Health Facts Monday” posts are to show people the calories of the food serve at those “unhealthy” restaurants and how shocking the results are. Of course we all know Pizza Hut and Domino’s are not healthy, but you would be able to choose to get your favourite pizza at a restaurant that serves “healthier” pizza or one that serves better-tasting pizza.

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