Fitness Tuesday: Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Swimming?

Southwick Beach State Park

Happy Canada Day everyone!

It is summer time and I am sure a lot of people would go to the beach to enjoy the sunlight.

In addition, people are more likely to go swimming at their local community centre. at the pool in their backyards or at the beach just to cool themselves off.

But other than that, what make people fall in love with swimming?  I used to swim at least once a week and maybe I can answer that.

1) Swimming allows you to work out every single muscle in your body – I couldn’t agree more.  Swimming is a whole body exercise and my muscles were toned after I swam consistently for a few weeks.

2) I am able to work out even when I have joint pain – Swimming is a very low impact sports, therefore it is very easy on the joints.   This is awesome for seniors or people who have weak joint because swimming allows them to stay active.

3) I know how to make myself float on water without having to travel to The Dead Sea – This is especially true if you are at the beach and you want to enjoy the sunlight and the water at the same time. You probably would not need a life jacket or swimming float either.

4) I am able to enjoy swimming with my friends or by myself – Swimming is perfect for everyone because everyone has their own personality and workout preference.  Also, not everyone likes to get themselves wet during exercise so often times it is better to go swimming by yourself.

5) I want to gain a few inches taller – After many years of watching swimming competitions, I have not seen any professional swimmers who are short and has short arms and legs.  In fact, they are all GIANTS just like professional basketball player.  So I guess swimming DO make anyone taller.

Do you like to swim? Where do you usually swim? Post your comments below! Till next time!


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