Fitness Tuesday: Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Baseball?


I am not a fan of baseball because I think baseball is boring.  But I think most people think otherwise because I see fully-occupied stadiums every time I watch baseball games on TV.

But what makes baseball interesting and why people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to attend baseball games?  I have done some research and I think these are the reasons why:

1) The baseball tradition is still here – I don’t quite understand this at first, but I feel the fans immediately when I saw the scoreboard was changed manually at the Wrigley Field on TV.    People loves baseball because it has a long history in North America.

2) Watching baseball is my family tradition – I guess that’s why a lot of people love baseball because many were brought to baseball games by their parents.  Eventually, they have developed a love to their local team and will pass on this tradition to their future kids.

3) Baseball can make me rich – I totally agree with this because Major League Baseball (MLB) is the only sport league in North America that don’t have salary cap to team’s total compensation to players.   For example, Derek Jeter made $17 million USD in 2013, Alex Rodriguez made $28 million USD in 2013, and Miguel Cabrera would be making about $22 million USD this year.  Not that many people make this kind of money IN A YEAR!

4) You do not have to be 7 feet tall to play baseball – I couldn’t agree more because you do not need to be a certain size to play baseball.  Having great flexibility, powerful core and strong arms the only essentials to any professional player.

5) I can play baseball with my friends or by myself – Anyone can play baseball as long as they know how to catch a ball and bat a ball, therefore there should not be any problem getting your friends to play baseball with you.  You can also go to a batting cage if you have no one to play baseball with.

Do you like baseball? What is your favourite MLB team? Post your comments below! Till next time!


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