People Need To Pick Their Soulmates Wisely


This post is dedicated to people who keep on complaining about their love lives, but they have been choosing the wrong people this whole time.

These people usually fall in love with people with great physical appearance.

They also prefer to date with someone who grows up in a good family with great wealth and profession.

Also for guys, they want her to be shallow and innocent while girls want him to be smart and confident.

Lastly, guys want his girl to make less money than him while girls want her guy to make more money than him.

However, when you ask them why don’t they date with their closest friend in the opposite sex, they give you answers like: “He/She is family to me”, “She/He is not my cup of tea”, “She makes more money than me”, “She is smarter than me” and etc.


WHY? Because they do not understand this: COMPATIBILITY.

I am not a relationship expert, but I had been in a good relationship and I know none of what these failing-in-love people think make a relationship successful.

These people should be looking for someone who is compatible with them:

1) Financially Compatible – I would not date with a guy who love to have nice dinners or nice things all the time because I am not like that.  In fact, I am more a saver who would ONLY splurge on things I really need and they are usually in excellent qualities. My ex was pretty much the same and I appreciate guys like him.

2) Have Similar Interests – Imagine how you are going to spend your weekends when you are into outdoor activities but your partner rather spend his/her time indoors. Trust me! It is NOT FUN AT ALL!

3) Share Same Preferences – Again! I would not date with a guy who IS TOTALLY into the latest GQ Magazine and tries to mimic the guy on the cover.   I do not follow fashion trends at all and I wear whatever is comfortable.

On top of the points above, respecting each other’s brains, learning to compromise, and being vocal of your wants and needs honestly are also crucial to make your relationship last.

Don’t get me wrong! I did not know what compatibility means until my last relationship.  We had pretty much everything I listed above. We broke up just because there were some external circumstances that we could not control.

But I was glad I met him. If not, I would still be searching for the right person in the wrong direction.

SO GUYS AND GIRLS! Finding your soulmate is all about COMPATIBILITY AND LOVE.

You may not believe me now! But please do not cry when you realize the man/woman-who-carry-my-list-of-criteria you marry to is not what you expect he/she is.

You probably want a divorce as well, but realize you cannot afford to because it is too expensive.

Then you feel regret of everything you did and you probably have to spend the rest of your life miserable.

So TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.  You will be thankful!