I feel so excited that this blog HIT 3000 VIEWS A FEW HOURS AGO!!!! THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT!  To show my enthusiasm, I am showing you my happy dance (hahahha….joking). Too bad Andrew Wiggins missed out on this one!


Thank you everyone (THE BLOG HAS 50 FOLLOWERS!)

As promised of what I said on Twitter (@bridlekitchen), I am going to do a celebration when I hit 50 followers.  This time, I am doing an online celebration and I am going to share a clips with funny videos.  Pets lover would probably like this video.  And again! Thank you everyone and I will continue to post good content for you guys to enjoy.

What do you think I should do when I hit 100 followers? Post your comments below.  Thanks you again everyone and tell you friends about this blog! Till next time!

Thank You Everyone (THE BLOG HAD OVER 2000 VIEWS)!

So you probably did not know.  I am a first time blogger and did not have any expectations.  I was glad, surprised and excited because my blog ALREADY HAD OVER 2000 VIEWS AND CLOSE TO 50 FOLLOWERS.   I did not expect this to happen this fast. I thought it would take me months to achieve this.  Also, I did not know there are people that actually care about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Having said that, please comments or like my posts (if you read one that you love) so that I can get to know you.  I feel splendid when I know there are people who shares the same mentality as me. 

So keep coming back to my blog because we will have more excited topic to talk about ! Till next time!