Toronto Restaurant Review: Urban Herbivore Eaton Centre (Rating: 3.5 out of 5)

I have been doing tons of research on restaurants that serve healthy meals made with local or organic ingredients because I seldom eat out.  WHY? I like home cooked meals and I work too much to think about where can I find restaurants for locavores.

Urban Herbivore was one of the places I found through online research.   I really wanted to try this restaurant due to three reasons: they make everything from scratch, they try their best to use local or organic ingredients, and they do not use any preservatives and addictives in their menu items.    Urban Herbivore has three locations in Toronto: Eaton Centre, Kensington Market and College Street.  Luckily, I was at the Eaton Centre, so HERE I GO…

Urban Herbivore at the Eaton Centre is located on the basement where the food court is.  The restaurant is located between Liberty Noodle and Big Smoke Burger. I arrived at Urban Herbivore after 3pm and the line up was NOT SHORT.  I also just missed their half sandwich and half salad/soup deal for only $10.  DAMMIT!


Soup was originally on top of my list, but all they had was Red Lentil Curry soup (I was afraid the soup is too spicy for me).  Therefore, I have decided to order a salad.  At Urban Herbivore, you get to choose your base, toppings (6 of them) and dressing for your salad.  I picked kale and spinach as my base, sesame tofu, alfalfa sprouts, red onions, carrots, grape tomato and red cabbage slaw as toppings and Red Wine Dijon as my dressing.  Finally, I ordered an Apple Blueberry Muffie because I do not know what a Muffie is.   The Muffies Urban Herbivore serves are made with organic spelt flour.  Ultimately, I paid about $13 altogether.


I really liked their salad because everything was so fresh.  Although most toppings were marinated, they were not too salty.  I also tasted red wine from the dressing, yet I could not taste any dijon.  I guess the marinated toppings masked the dijon flavour.   Overall, I love this salad.  I could not even finish it myself because the salad was too big.

As of the Apple Blueberry Muffie, it was basically a fused cookie and muffin.  The outside had a texture of a cookie, and the inside was soft like a muffin.  Personally, I thought the Muffie was not too sweet, but it was a bit oily.  Neverthless, I recommend people who are looking for healthy desserts to give Muffie a try.

In conclusion, I give Urban Herbivore 3.5 out of 5 because I really like their food.   I just do not give this restaurant 4 out of 5 because I do not live in downtown Toronto.   Therefore, you should definitely check this place out if you are at the Eaton Centre and you want to have a healthy meal.

Have you been to Urban Herbivore before? What do you think of their food? What do you think of their service? Post your comments below. Till next time!

P.S. Here is how my rating system works:

0 out of 5 – Disgusting. The restaurant should shut down right now. 

1 out of 5 – Mediocre. How come the restaurant is still around? 

2 out of 5 – Disappointed. They can do better =[

3 out of 5 – Satisfied. One of best places to eat.

4 out of 5 – Excellent. I am going to be the restaurant’s regular customer. 

5 out of 5 – Exceptional. I would recommend the restaurant to my friends and family. 


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