Toronto Restaurant Review: Rawlicious Markham (Rating: 3.5 out of 5)

I had to think about what to eat last Friday because my parents had dinner with their friends.  I also did not want to cook because it was Good Friday.

I was thinking where I could grab healthy and awesome food in my area. After a thorough research on the Internet, I found Rawlicious, a raw, vegan and organic restaurant. Luckily, the restaurant opened on Good Friday, so I drove to the restaurant to order take out.

The restaurant is located on Main Street Markham right across from Scotiabank.  I got a very warm welcome from the staff and one of them suggested me their Pad Thai and The Classic Burger with Jicama Fries.  I also ordered their Berry Much Protein Smoothies. My bill was about $47 all together.


I sat down at the restaurant while I waited for my food.   I loved the interior because it is simple and roomy.  It is definitely a good place to have lunch dates with your friends if they happen to love vegan and organic food.


The restaurant service was fast as well because I only waited for about 10 minutes for my food.  As a result, it only took me less than 30 minutes to get my supper.


Ok! Let’s get to the taste.  Firstly, the smoothies was awesome! I could taste the strawberries, blueberries, goji berries, and brown rice protein.  It also had the right consistency. I could not believe it was made with almond milk.

Secondly, the Pad Thai was alright. Although I did not like the zucchini and kelp noodle that much, I LOVE THE THAI SAUCE.  The sauce was not too spicy, yet gave some kicks to the dish.

Lastly, the open-faced Classic Burger was great! Although the burger did not have the same consistency as a regular meaty burger, but it still tasted good.   There was a dipping sauce that came with the dish and I dipped the Jicama Fries with it.  Sadly, The Jicama Fries tasted alright and I wish they use sweet potatoes instead.

Overall, I like this restaurant and I would come back again with someone who loves vegan and organic food.

What is your favourite raw, vegan and organic restaurant? What would you recommend people to try at that restaurant? Post your comments below. Till next time!

P.S. Here is how my rating system works:

0 out of 5 – Disgusting. The restaurant should shut down right now. 

1 out of 5 – Mediocre. How come the restaurant is still around? 

2 out of 5 – Disappointed. They can do better =[

3 out of 5 – Satisfied. One of best places to eat.

4 out of 5 – Excellent. I am going to be the restaurant’s regular customer. 

5 out of 5 – Exceptional. I would recommend the restaurant to my friends and family. 

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