Fitness Tuesday: Why Is Everyone Obsessed With American Football?

american football

NFL season is going to start in a few months.  Every year, millions of Americans would travel to their local stadiums or sit near their TVs to watch their favourite teams play. Even Canadians would buy tickets online and travel miles just to catch a glimpse of their favorite players.

But what makes American football so popular? Is it because of the adrenaline rush? Is it because of the excitement?  Let’s take a look:

1) There is no team domination – In the NBA, MLB or NHL where people are able to make good bets on which team is going to be win the Cup, you are not able to predict which team is going to win the Super Bowl in the NFL.  Due to the constant changes in the roster every season and the many offensive and defensive strategies, a team who was at the bottom last year may become one of Super Bowl contenders the following year.  This is what makes NFL games so exciting just like NCAA basketball.

2) The adrenaline rush is awesome – I think most people watch football just to see how players go very aggressive on each other just to chase a football.  You could also feel the players’ willingness to win and their fearlessness of getting injured.  In addition, people love to see how players cope when playing in cold weather. NFL is basically, in my point of view, the modern day Gladiator.

3) My idol plays American football – Many African-Americans grow up poor and they depend on athletics to change their lives around.  Since NFL players are predominantly African-Americans, therefore many young African-Americans who watch NHL games aspire to become one of their idols one day.

4) It signifies the American culture – Unlike basketball, hockey and soccer that are played around the world, American football is only played in America.  Rugby is similar, but it is very different than American football when you watch a rugby game closely.  That is why there is some kind of pride in Americans when it comes to American football and NFL.

5) American football is not just a game – American football is not just a sport, it is an entertainment.  You get to watch the pretty cheerleaders and skillful band players who are supporting their team.  Also, people get to see their favourite stars during half-time of the Super Bowl game such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.  Entertainment is one of the things that draw people to watch American football.

Do you love to watch American football? Which team is your favourite?  Post your comment below! Till next time!